Welcome in "Eau'vergne"!

Auvergne is a water lovers’ paradise, with waterfalls and natural springs galore!


Auvergne is one of the French regions with the most waterfalls! More than 400 waterfalls were counted only in the Puy de Dôme!

  - Waterfalls of Chiloza (Besse),

  - Waterfalls of the Mont Dore with one of the highest with its 30 meters, the Grande Cascade, waterfalls of Rossignolet and of Queureuilh,

  - The Gour des Chevaux,

  - Waterfall of Sainte Elisabeth, and many others!


There are a number of forest walks ideal for families, offering some welcome shade on hot summer’s days.  Take in the beauty of the Monne and Enval gorges by taking a walk along the APAGE footpath which passes through both.


Remember to bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes!


Lakes are another prominent feature in the region!


Some carry the French Blue Flag certification and are open for public bathing. They can however get very busy in the summer due to the proximity of the city of Clermont Ferrand!


  - The nautical bas of the Lake of Aydat (at 4 km from the campsite) with bathing supervised

  - The Lake of Chambon (à 15 km), with nautical base and bathing supervised in summer with and a beautiful vew on the Massif du Sancy!

  - The Gour of Tazenat (à 60 km) with bathing allowed but not supervised!


Another lake worth a visit is Servières, located around 9km from the campsite. This former volcanic maar is located at 1,200m.


Guéry Lake is another must, and the highest in the region at 1,250m.


Lake of Pavin, another former maar, is the deepest in the region, and contained within the youngest of its volcanoes!

The Auvergne region boasts 400 natural springs in the Puy de Dôme area alone, each with its own history and set of natural benefits!


  - Along the Allier river, the source of Saladis (Martres de Veyre) and of Sainte-Marguerite,

  - The fountain of Goyon (Besse),

  - The ferruginous spring of Sainte-Anne (Vallée de Chaudefour),

  - The source of Croizat where you can take a warm bath with waters close to 38°C (Mont-Dore)!



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