Cultural outings

The above is only a small selection of possible outings. Please do ask at reception or visit the local tourist office for more detailed information.


There are a number of activities organised in the Auvergne region throughout the summer months!




The Vulcania theme park, the only one of its type in Europe, allows visitors to discover the awesome power of volcanic activity!





La Ferme Bellonte et les Mystères de Farges


Ferme Bellonte is a free local attraction where visitors can see how cows are looked after and how the famous French cheese Saint Nectaire is made.

The Mystères de Farges centre will take you on a journey through the centuries, spread across four ancient troglodyte caves, formed over one thousand years ago!



Plateau de Gergovie


You can also visit the site of the Battle of Gergovia in 52 BC, and discover the history of the development of the surrounding area in the fascinating visitor centre.





Troglodyte site of Jonas


In Saint-Pierre-Colamine, you will find the Jonas Caves, another troglodyte site. This pre-historic underground village is made up of 70 different rooms, spread across 5 floors and linked together by winding tunnels and staircases!





Museum of La Ruche des Puys


Discover a fantastic ecosystem!


Learn about bees, their lives, and the crucal role they play in our environment and future survival!





Museum of Manoir de Veygoux


Dress up in period costume and relive the French Revolution.


Fight the enemies of the republic on the battlefield!


Special activity games organised for children!



L'Aventure  Michelin


Visit the faithfully preserved 2,000 square meter Cataroux cotton mill.


The cutlery making museum combines cutlery making demonstrations with an open-air museum to discover 6 centuries of industrial history!





Museum of the Cutlery of Thiers


A collection of knives dating from the 16th Century to the present day!







Ceramics Museum


In Lezoux, discover the work of gallo-roman potters through a collection of fascinating artefacts.  

The museum is open to all. Explore, look, play, smell, and please DO touch!

Children will enjoy the variety of interactive educational exhibits!


History of Ambert Paper Museum


Visit the working paper mill at Moulin Richard de Bas, final bastion of the once-great paper industry in the Auvergne region!


Children can take in hands-on workshops and make their own sheets of paper!




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