Auvergne Volcanoes

At Auvergne Volcanic Park, you can walk among inactive volcanos and rock formations caused by eruptions over 95,000 years ago.


Just north of the campsite you will find the Chaine des Puys, a stunning expanse of rugged landscape sprinkled with lava domes. The imposing Puy de Pariou, with its huge crater, is a must-see, while the Puy de Combegrasse, located just a stone’s throw from the campsite, offers panoramic views over the whole Chaine!


Panoramique des Dômes, go to the top!


Go to the top of the Puy de Dôme aboard an electrical rack railway. The mountainside pathway offers a comfortable 15 minutes journey and reveals a breathtaking panoramic view.


Please note: this attraction is often busy in the summer months!

You can buy queue-buster tickets with 10% reduced price from the online ticketing!


Also located nearby are the Monts Dore, another string of inactive volcanos, as well as the Chaudefour and Chastreix nature reserves, which are well worth a visit!


Further south, you will find the majestic Cézallier Plateau, as well as the Godivelle nature reserve. The Monts du Cantal, and the Puy Mary especially, are worth a visit!


When hiking, please do your bit for the environment by not dropping litter! Erosion is becoming a big problem, so do take care, especially if mountain biking!

Please note: the Puy de Côme has been closed to the public since January 2002 due to dangerous erosion on the pedestrian path.


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